EMC ESRSve admin password reset (VXRail Edition)

Resetting a password on a ESRS appliance is pretty straight forward. But there is a pesky error that can pop up from time to time with ESRS appliances that get deployed via the VXRail deployment.

The normal esrs admin password reset goes something like this:

ESRSapplicance:~ # cd /opt/esrs/webuimgmt-util/
ESRSapplicance:~ # ./passwordAdmin.sh

Normally this would then ask you for a new password for the admin account associated with your ESRS appliance.

But what is the error you might ask? Well it happens in lieu of asking for a new password.

“User Configuration File Missing. Please contact ESRS Support”

In order to get around this error it is a simple command you must run before starting the ./passwordadmin.sh script:

ESRSapplicance:~ # echo admin > /etc/esrsadmin.conf
ESRSapplicance:~ # cd /opt/esrs/webuimgmt-util/
ESRSapplicance:~ # ./passwordAdmin.sh

And thats it! Have fun with ESRS and let me know it this article helped you!

A General system error occurred: Connection refused

Got this error today when trying to start up a VM.

A General system error occurred: Connection refused


While it was annoying to see, this issue is easily resolved. At least for me.

Log into your VCSA and first check the drive space

user@VCSA:$ df -h

Confirm the none of the drives are full

Then check the status and start the vmware-vpx-workflow service

user@VCSA:$ service-control --status vmware-vpx-workflow
user@VCSA:$ service-control --start vmware-vpx-workflow

It will take a second to start the service but that should do the trick!