Great reads and resources

Below are some awesome reads and resources for Virtualization and VMware.

Mastering VMware VSphere6 by Nick Marshall


This book is awesome informative and very entertaining. Nick does a awesome job at keeping the book detailed and lively. I used this in preparation for my VCP and I still use it for reference. Great book I suggest giving it a try.

PowerCLI Cookbook by Phillip Sellers


THIS BOOK IS EPIC! Everything you need to know about powerCLI and managing your VMware environment from powershell. Comes with great easy to learn and use references and a lot of information. The book is dense with information but very easy to read. Always a plus in my book, No pun intended.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration 2nd Edition


I use this book for reference to make my life administrating easier on a daily basis and to learn how to PowerCLI like a pro. Not as easy read as Powercli Cookbook in my opinion, but still a awesome read.

Some awesome bloggers below! You must check them out.

Duncan Epping

If you have heard of HA then you have heard of Duncan Epping. The guy is a legend a VCDX and a smarter man than most. Check out his website below!


William Lam

Virtually Ghetto is my jam this place is packed full of information and guides to help managing easier.


Chris Wahl

Chris Wahl’s page is a great resource for Videos and deepdives into some important and random topics.


Small disclaimer here. None of these website paid for the advertisement they might never even see this. But I just appreciate there Books and blogs.