VXRail Hardware failures? Not so fast.

Recently had a VXRail upgrade and then noticed hardware failures on equipment we were not using. Worked with it through the DELL/EMC support cycles and we came to two conclusions. Update to the latest version of VXRail or reset the BMC on the troubled node. Because the hardware was not the issue. These are the steps they provided me and it worked.

  • ¬†SSH to the VXRail node
  • Run the following command on the host
/opt/vxrail/tools/ipmitool mc reset cold
  • Once that command completed took about 3 minutes for me. Log into the VXRail Manager via SSH use the default “mystic” username and password.3
  • Restart the VMWare Marvin service and the Jars service. (Note you may need to su to root)
systemctl restart vmware-marvin
systemctl restart runjars

Once VXRail manager is back up log in and check the console to make sure the hardware errors are gone.