VCSA upgrade “error: vimService creation failed: Error:”

There has been a lot of issues involving the upgrade UI for the VCSA migration and upgrade utility. I met it at the “Connect to host appliance stage” Here are some things that I tried to resolve the issue with no success.

  1. Check DNS Forward and reverse
  2. Disable anti-virus on all applicable machines
  3. Reset the PSC passwords
  4. Reboot the PSC’s

The solution to this problem that I found was the build numbers I was trying to implement. Here is my example I will lay out for you.

Say you have a VCSA and an External PSC. Both are on the same version of code.

  • The VCSA and PSC are now on version 6.0 U3f 8874690 release date of 2018-06-28
  • My target version for the VCSA and PSC is  6.5 U1g 8024368 release date 2018-03-20

The problem:

The problem here that even though it is a newer version of VCenter it is an older version of code. So even though you are going to 6.0 to 6.5 the Upgrade utility will not allow you to upgrade it will give you this vague and unhelpful error.


Check your build numbers and always make sure the code you are upgrading to  matches the current version or is newer than the current version of code.

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